b'New Mexico State UniversityFoundation Inc. NONPROFITPRESORTED STD.When Im thinking about my own personalP.O. Box 3590 U.S. POSTAGE Las Cruces, NM 88003-3590 PAID LAS CRUCES philanthropy and where I want to give my gifts,PERMIT #41I want to make impacts. Giving to New Mexico State provides a high return on investment. ANA CORDOVA 09FALL 2022 ISSUEHeres how to learn more about giving to NMSU.Make a Gift in Your Will for NMSU Look BackIn as little as one sentence, you can make a lasting contribution to your favorite area of New Mexico State University. Your attorney will know the best language to use in your estate documents to achieve your charitable goals. Recommended language might look something like this:I give to the New Mexico State University Foundation, a nonpro\x1f t corporation currently located at P.O. Box 3590, Las Cruces, NM 88003, or its successor thereto, [the sum of $________ or ________% from my estate] for its unrestricted use and purpose.Please contact me to discuss an estimate of bene ts I might receive from an NMSU charitable gift annuity.Please send me information on supporting my favorite areas of NMSU through:My IRA or other retirement accountsMy will or living trustI have included the NMSU Foundation in my will, trust, or other estate plans, but have not previously noti ed you. Please send me more information about the next steps to becoming an 1888 Society member.Name (please print) 1956 66 years ago, student leaders Beatrice Apodaca, Albert Leyendecker, and Nell Loomis posed for AddressCity, State, Zip photos at Aggie Pond, also known as theshpond. The fountain and surrounding pond still Telephone stand today, o\x1e ering a bucolic setting to enjoy the beautiful Las Cruces weather (bobby socks and penny loafers optional).Email AddressComments/Special Request Share your memories with us at info@nmsufoundation.org Currents ofDr. Conrad Keyes taught civil engineering Photo courtesy of NMSU Library Archives and Special Collections Generosityat NMSU for 25 years. Now retired, hes still helping Aggies build bridges to thePage 6 future with an endowed scholarship.All information is con dential Detach, fold, seal and drop in the mail '