1. Gift Agreement

We provide gift agreements for all gifts $25,000 or more. Agreements outline the purpose, form, schedule and administration of gifts. For smaller gifts, donors may document their preferences with pledge cards, letters or notes on their checks.

2. Convert to Cash

Non-cash gifts (securities or real estate) require special processing. The Foundation converts these gifts to cash.

3. Deposit in Account

Every gift goes into an endowed or current use account as specified by the donor. The Foundation disburses funds from accounts as defined by donors’ preferences.

4. Send Receipt

We mail a receipt for every gift. Receipts provide donors with proof of their contribution. If you have a question about a receipt, contact Gift Accounting, via email or (575) 646-4811.

5. Apply Applicable Fees

A one-time gift fee of five percent (5%) will be assessed on all gifts to NMSU and the NMSU Foundation on the value of the gift up to $5 million. The gift fee will be collected at the time the gift is received.

6. Disburse to NMSU

If the gift is non-endowed, the Foundation disburses the entire gift as designated by the donor. If the gift is endowed, we invest it until it has generated enough proceeds to fund the scope of the gift.