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Endowed gifts are permanent gifts that secure New Mexico State University's future. These funds are invested in the NMSU Foundation's pooled investment fund and a portion of the earnings is distributed annually to support the scholarship, professorship, academic chair, or university program chosen by the donor.

Speaking simply, these type of gifts ensure that your legacy lives on far into the future. Whatever you support with an endowed gift across the NMSU system will forever receive your support - even after your lifetime. There are different ways to create an endowed gift that supports students and faculty.

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Endowed Chairs

Endowed chairs enhance the prestige of an institution. A minimum investment of $1 million is needed to endow a chair. With their highly focused areas of study, endowed chairs attract experts to campus as well as graduate students eager to work with these faculty members. A chair is the most prestigious appointment within the University.

In addition to supplementing a professor’s university salary, money generated from the chair’s endowment supplements the salaries of other faculty members in the research group. It can also support a technician or researcher for the group as well as administrative and operational support. A team like this is positioned to succeed and promote a field of study or interest.

Endowed Professorships

Endowed professorships require a minimum investment of $250,000. A named professorship can provide the holder with more resources to advocate for his or her special program. It speaks to the academic reputation of the faculty member who holds a named professorship. Funds to support professorships will help NMSU retain talented faculty who are in demand by other universities and the private sector.

college gift impact


LEADS 2025 set the university’s sights on becoming one of the nation’s top public schools by the year 2025, every college has set higher goals for itself. To fulfill these aspirations, facilities must be state-of-the-art and faculty among the best in their field.

Exceptional programs and facilities attract and retain exceptional faculty, who, in turn, attract the best graduate and undergraduate students.

"College Impact" means your gift will benefit a specific NMSU college, department or other administrative unit. These gifts often affect an entire college and can include those directed toward construction, renovation or equipping a lab.

Consider making an endowed gift to the Foundation. Because we only distribute the earnings on your investment, endowments impact NMSU academics forever.


You could choose to restrict your gift to a specific program or department within the college or support an excellence fund, which allows a dean or department head to use the funds for specific unit priorities. These priorities are continually evolving, so excellence funds are both generous and practical.

For example, a dean or department head could use discretionary gifts in an excellence fund for equipment acquisition, faculty teaching awards or career development, student competitions or conference travel, or special events.


In addition to discretionary funds, you also can support your college or department with a gift-in-kind by donating equipment for a lab or upgrading the communications equipment in a lecture hall. Some corporations support NMSU with their expertise and technologies with gifts-in-kind to the Foundation.

college gift impact
college gift impact


Scholarships and fellowships change lives and enrich the student body. Scholarships drive the spirit and guide the minds of generations of Aggies so they can affect the world in productive and inventive ways. When you fund a scholarship or fellowship, you’re making a profound difference for individual students and for the lives those students touch as graduates of New Mexico State University.

Some of the best high school students can't afford today's tuition, but scholarships open up a world of possibilities to them. Scholarships also free students from the necessity of part-time jobs, giving them more time to satisfy their intellectual curiosity or to participate in NMSU’s character-building organizations.

"Student Impact" means your gift will benefit NMSU students—either undergraduates or graduates—through direct assistance in the form of a scholarship or graduate fellowship.


Endowed scholarships are crucial to the future of NMSU because they provide benefits to students for generations. The NMSU Foundation invests endowed scholarship funds in a way that maximizes growth while safeguarding the principal. Then it distributes only the earnings on your investment.


Most donors choose to create an endowed gift that will last in perpetuity, but you may also choose to fund an annual scholarship by making a one-time gift. You can direct your scholarship to support a student in a particular major, field of study or from a specific geographic region.

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The 1888 Society recognizes individuals who have notified us that the New Mexico State University Foundation is included in their estate plans as the beneficiary of a will, trust, life income gift, life insurance policy, retirement plan or other planned gifts. Participation in the 1888 Society can be an inspirational experience, and has proven to encourage others to look toward the future and consider philanthropy.

The greatness of our university begins with people, and we would be pleased to join with friends like you who are committed to bringing State to the next level of excellence. Planned gifts, whatever the amount, provide critical support that enables NMSU to expand the frontiers of knowledge through our land-grant mission of teaching, research and service.

Members of the 1888 Society are published periodically in our 1888 Society newsletter, " Look to the Future." Members also receive invitations to special events planned for this coveted group.

If you have made plans for a planned gift and have not notified us, please contact us. NMSU is grateful beyond measure for your consideration of making a planned gift, and it inspires us in all we do.

1888 SOCIETY gift impact


Inside the sleeping mind of a child, you may find dreams of superheroes, candy lands or monsters. Yet, as early as she can remember, Dr. Blanca Campa dreamt of finding money. Blanca, an instructor at El Paso Community College and ’08 alumna of New Mexico State University, understood by age six that her family needed help. Days would go by without any food to eat, and the soles in her shoes bared holes too big to hide. Blanca’s life changed for the better, though, the day she started public school in El Paso. “I remember my very first day of school and how much I loved it,” she said. “We had a free breakfast and lunch every day, and my teachers helped me understand the importance of an education. I knew this was my only way out - the only way to help my family.” She rarely groaned about taking tests or writing papers like some students. Blanca knew every test, every paper, every assignment put her one step closer to earning a degree that would change the course of her life and the lives of her family.

Eventually, her drive to earn a high school diploma led her to an associate degree from EPCC, both a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree from UTEP and a doctorate from NMSU. She credits teachers and professors along the way for inspiring her to continue investing in herself. “I just kept taking classes here and there,” she said, laughing. “I didn’t intend to get a doctorate, but when faculty at NMSU noticed how many credits I had, they suggested I go ahead and take a few more to earn it. I had a fabulous experience at NMSU. The classrooms were small, teachers knew our names and they brought their personal and professional lives into the classroom.”

Her love for education and community colleges motivated her book, The Mexican American Community College Experience: Fostering Resilience, Achieving Success. Proceeds from the book sales benefit student scholarships, and the content shares tips on how to cultivate effective teaching strategies for the growing Hispanic population in the community college landscape. Yet, Blanca’s philanthropy and drive to help students didn’t stop with her book. As a member of the 1888 Society, she pledged in her estate plan to continue funding an NMSU endowed scholarship she started that rewards minority students transferring from any community college in the United States to NMSU-Las Cruces.