giving priorities
giving priorities
giving priorities

Giving Priorities:

Teacher Education Program

Provide a stipend for cooperating teachers who attend a weeklong training for working with student teachers during the upcoming school year. $250 stipend/teacher - currently 50 teachers but expected to grow to 70 (total need: $17,500). Additional need for practicum teacher training meeting stipends and laptops and/or iPads.

Conference Fees for Students

Supports students in the college by assisting with professional conference registration fees, travel and accommodation expenses incurred.

Pay down student account balance for registration

Retention initiative that focuses on supporting at-risk students through an award that covers outstanding balances required for class-registration and degree completion.


Education Scholarships
Health Scholarships
Counseling and Educational Psychology Scholarships
Kinesiology & Dance Scholarships
Special Education and Communication Disorders Scholarships
School of Teacher Preparation, Administration, and Leadership (Fund Link Coming Soon)

College Funds

Dean’s Fund for Excellence
Dean’s Discovery Fund

School of Nursing

Nursing Departmental Fund
Nursing Scholarships

School of Public Health

Public Health aka “Health Science” Departmental Fund
Public Health aka “Health Science” Scholarships

School of Social Work

Social Work Departmental Fund
Social Work Scholarships

Nursing Wall

Nursing Wall Fund