b'OUR NMSU ALUMNI VOICESHighlights from the 2022 Alumni Survey The New Mexico State University Foundation conducted an alumni survey in September, 2022. The goal of the survey was to understand what Aggie alums care about and how they perceived NMSU as students and now as alumni. The survey asked alumni what they want NMSU and our Alumni Association to prioritize as it evolves in the future. This infographic illustrates some highlights and takeaways from those findings.95%ALUMNI WHO RESPONDED ALUMNI OPINIONS of respondents describe their experience as a student as good to Respondents by degree 16% 58% excellentUndergraduate Degree of respondents94%Graduate Degree 17% say they promoteof respondents rate New Mexico Statetheir decision to Both Undergraduate67% University regularlyattend New Mexicoand Graduate Degrees or all the time State University as a good to great decisionRespondents by Region Alumni loyalty to each of the following:Respondents by Graduation era Not loyal SomewhatLoyal Very loyal60 loyalNew Mexico State 50 400 Prior to 1973 1994-2000 University in general1974-1980 2001-2008 Major or degreeprogram40 300 1981-1993 2009-2014College/schoolwithin NMSU2015-2019A faculty member or 30 200 2020-2022 instructorA student organization/20 In State activity associated with100 New Mexico StateOut of State University Athletics10005 2021 Annual Report'