b'Trennery Turner 23Trennery Turner 23 always tries to help others. The New Mexico State University senior credits her parents, both former teachers in Farmington, NM, for instilling a powerful sense of service in her.Following her parents example, Turner began volunteering as a teenager. The Aggie has continued this trend, despite colleges demands. Shes involved in multiple Gamma Beta Phi service projects, NMSUs Keep State Great and the Big Event, and Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.Now Turner finds the tables have turned as her parents struggle with major health issues. It was hard enough going away to school as it is, Turner said. But then going away and them getting sick made it even harder.Fortunately, Turner is the recipient of NMSUs Heroes of Compassion Scholarship, established in 2020 to assist nursing majors who are in financial need. This supportcombined with other scholarshipscovers her studies while her parents and student loans pay for her living expenses. Now my parents Dr. Priscilla Bloomquist arent paying out of pocket for my school, so they can focus on paying their medical bills, she said. You dont realize how much of a difference any amount of scholarship money makes, Dr. Priscilla Bloomquist has long beeninstitution, the people and the culture, andeven just a few dollars.recognized for her commitment towas excited by the idea of working in a excellent service. Those who know herland-grant university, she said.werent surprised when the professor incorporated the concept into her JulyBloomquist was on the ground floor in You dont realize how retirement from New Mexico Statehelping to build NMSUs Hotel, Restaurant Universitys faculty. Former and currentand Tourism Management program. Shemuch of a difference students, colleagues, and others werehas also generously supported the programany amount of invited to donate $33 (marking the lengththrough payroll deduction since 1996. of her tenure at the university) to the Hotel,scholarship money Restaurant and Tourism ManagementOne of the favorite parts of her job has been connecting with students andmakes, even just Alumni Endowed Scholarship. Their gifts, totaling more than $4,600, helped fulfillwatching their careers unfold. Its excitinga few dollars.the endowment.to see how well so many of our students have done, Bloomquist said. Even if they TRENNERY TURNER Her love affair with the university beganend up going in a different direction, many in 1988. I fell in love immediately with thewill tell you the hospitality industry is a great training ground for other careers.New Mexico State University Foundation4'