b'AT&T Foundation ScholarshipContinual technological advancements areNow, thanks to AT&T Foundations scholarship expanding the number and types of jobs that fund, a group of NMSU Grants students can focus can be done remotely. To meet this emerging need,on completing these programs instead of juggling the New Mexico State University Grants campusschool and work. The creative media industry offers a Game Design certificate and Creativein New Mexico, particularly television and film Media associate degree that prepares students production, is growing, and we believe students to be well-positioned for these coveted positions.in all areas of the state should have access to educational opportunities to pursue these types Having these credentials and the opportunity toof careers, said AT&T New Mexico External work remotely can create significant ripple effects.Affairs Director Bob Digneo. We hope that these NMSU Grants graduates can remotely access well- scholarships will make it easier for NMSU Grants paying professional work that is not common instudents to follow their dreams in creative media Cibola County, NM. Their continued presence alsoand game design.improves the economic health of the area, where many have traditionally lived below the poverty line.Dr. Cynthia BejaranoDr. Cynthia Bejarano grew up 25 milesThe Regents Professor remains committed Her commitment from New Mexico State University. Herto the Latinx community by conducting childhood in Anthony, NM was spentresearch in border issues, immigration,to the land-grant listening to her familys generationalfeminicide, and migrant farm work.stories of working in area agriculturalmission of the university fields, which motivated her to advocate Many individuals across NMSUs campus, for others toiling the land.the state, and nation are impressed byand to the vision of Bejaranos determination and dedication. Ibeing a true Hispanic These experiences deeply influenced thetruly admire the selflessness of Dr. Bejarano, Stan Fulton College of Arts and Scienceswho has constantly invested the resourcesServing Institution Endowed Chairs academic work. Bejarano provided to her in the direct support of is the Principal Investigator for NMSUsstudents, to ensure their advancementis remarkable. College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP),and success, said NMSU College of Arts which supports first-year Aggies fromand Sciences Dean Enrico Pontelli. Her ENRICO PONTELLI farmworker backgrounds. In 2015, NMSUcommitment to the land-grant mission of the CAMP was honored by the White Houseuniversity and to the vision of being a true Excellence in Education for Hispanics BrightHispanic Serving Institution is remarkable.Spot Initiative. It has served 564 students.3 2021 Annual Report'