Established in 1959, the Foundation is a privately governed nonprofit corporation whose mission is to support New Mexico State University. The Foundation consistently strives for trust, accountability and excellence in its constituent relationships by promoting the values of fiduciary duties, leadership, teamwork and the highest standard of ethics among its employees and volunteers. The Foundation is committed to upholding and preserving public and private trust while at the same time protecting the privacy of donors and employees, and the confidentiality of its competitive strategies.

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The mission of the NMSU Foundation is to foster long-term relationships with our alumni, supporters, and community in order to secure, manage, steward, and protect a sustainable source of private resources that will enhance the ability of New Mexico State University to fulfill its land grant mission.


nmsu integrity


We earn trust by being honest, ethical, and dependable in our dealings with each other and the people that we serve.

nmsu integrity


We succeed together by committing to a culture of collaboration and effective communication, while expressing kindness and mutual respect.

nmsu integrity


We deliver exceptional service and unique experiences through the cultivation of personal relationships with the students, alumni, and donors who have entrusted us with their support.

nmsu integrity


We value creativity, flexibility, and resourcefulness as we continually pursue individual and organizational excellence.

nmsu integrity


We embrace our Aggie spirit and commit to fostering a supportive, family-oriented, inclusive, and joyful environment for each other and the people that we serve.